Welcome to the mind of Temper Tantrum Tina, I know you may be saying what type of name is that!!!! Well to know me you will get it. I am an Artist; I love art of all kinds. I’m very passionate about art and the art that I produce but at the same time I’m human and I’m my own worst critic. I judge my work a lot, so friends have always told me I throw fits like a child so therefore Temper Tantrum Tina grew and stuck with me.
My logo the famous crying baby is a huge part of me. I was born in 1978 and grew up loving the art of cartoons. I was a huge fan of the era Garbage Pail Kids and wanted my logo to be in reference to that, so that’s the inspiration behind my crying baby.
As you explore my website and view my work you will see that I’m a dramatic style designer, content creator, and photographer and only thing I can say is hope you enjoy.

                                                          Thank You