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Meet Author Niki Jilvontae 
Newest Release Cut From The Same Cloth
Cover Designer TemperTantrum Tina
What will happen when a group of misfit killers team up with their long lost psycho siblings? 
Will there be hundreds of dead bodies left in their wake? Or will old secrets be revealed and lost fortunes found causing a rift in the fabric they have formed? Come on this bloody, sadistic ride with Jeremiah, the Banners, Bianca, Mercy and Mayhem, and a few new faces to find out how they are all wickedly tethered and... Cut From the Same Cloth!!
Meet Author Ashantay Keys 
Newest Release Wip
Cover Designer TemperTantrumTina
Vanity Keys takes pride in her job as an editor. As hard as she works, she plays even harder. But one drunken night of pole dancing, lands her lips on a sexy random man.

Mystic Preston is a bestselling author. His writing covers a multitude of genres including his secret identity as an erotica writer. However, a chance meeting with a clumsy kisser causes him to slow down and show her his technique, all the while falling under her spell. 

Will Mystic and Vanity be each other’s greatest works in progress? Or will they fan out the flames and focus on their careers?

Meet Author Lady Lissa
Newest Releases Escaping pain and Turmoil
Cover Designer TemperTantrumTina

All Karess wants is to find a good man to love her and treat her the way she deserves to be treated. When her boyfriend Cane shows her a different side of him, she realizes that he isn’t who she thought he was. Her best friend Cali suggests she meet a co-worker from the hospital, Dr. Eric Masterson, Karess agrees. Not looking to jump into anything so soon after ending things with Cane, she agrees to meet Eric for coffee. The two meet the following day and hit it off instantly.
Several months later, Eric proposes marriage. Karess needs a moment to think about it, but little does she know Eric isn’t giving up. From the moment he meets Karess, he starts planning for their future and no isn’t an option. Karess has no idea the deep secrets Eric harbors, nor does she realize he has a totally different side than the one she is used to. 
What will happen when Eric is forced to unleash that side he has hidden so well? Will Karess be able to escape his clutches before it’s too late or will she find herself stuck in an unhappy relationship forever? Find out if Karess finally gets her happily ever after in Escaping Pain & Turmoil…
Meet Author Linette king
Up Coming Release She Aint You 3
Cover series Designer TemperTantrumTina
From Book 1: After spending years with Tamia, Rashard has to get to know a new special person in his life. Luckily, he’s no longer in the streets so this time around he can actually focus on his relationship but he quickly learns that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. 

Tamia lost herself in a relationship so when the breakup happened, she didn’t know which way was up. She takes time for herself to heal before hopping back out into the dating world but she notices something isn’t right with her ex husband’s new girlfriend. That coupled with the bruises that her oldest daughter Angel keeps coming home with, Tamia finds herself filled with rage and not knowing who to aim it at. 

Bethany has gone through a lot in her life and when she finally finds the man of her dreams, she refuses to let anyone come in between them, including his children. One thing she’s always been able to count on is her lying skills but is a sharp tongue enough to save her or will her lying deceitful ways be her downfall? 

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